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Celebrating 22 years in Business!
Celebrating 22 years in Business!

I-Crafter i-Mend Self-mending Cutting Deck

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A self-mending cutting deck for your manual die cutting machine. Use this self-mending cutting deck in place of one of your hard cutting decks and experience a new way of die cutting.

Cutting deck dimensions are 6� x 9� {15.32cm x 22.5cm}. Sized to fit manual die cutting machines with a 6? wide opening. Sandwich heights may vary so adjust with shims as needed.

Place the i-Mend Self-Mending cutting deck on your machine cutting platform, place the material to be cut on top, place your die, blade side down, add one hard cutting deck on top and run this through your die cutting machine. No more cracking sounds as it runs through the machine. 

� Flip and rotate the Decks as you work especially if you are doing large quantities of die cutting of the same shape at the same time.
� Start by using the least amount of pressure, so begin with the basic sandwich required per the machine manufacturer�s instructions.
� If you still need more pressure, add a shim and repeat with up to three passes.
� Note: for intricate dies, we recommend our hard, translucent cutting deck.
� Avoid exposing the i-Mend Deck to heat.

Our self-mending cutting deck heals itself and cuts smoothly. Clean the i-Mend Deck with cold water and gentle scrubbing to remove small bits of paper left behind. 

Not recommended for use with high-pressure die cutting machines.